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As product designer at Truvalue Labs for 5 years Aleks was responsible for designing foundations of design system, UI specs and prototypes and pixel-perfect mocks, I worked on user journey and marketing materials. I worked closely with stakeholders to design an experience that reveals the value of analytics of the big data in real-time from sustainability and ESG issues.

Truvalue Labs is leveraging advances in natural language processing, cognitive computing, and machine learning to provide actionable insights to financial professionals - portfolio managers, asset owners and analysts.

»Truvalue receives constant praise for its beautiful and functional user interface, most of which was designed by Aleks.«

— Eli Reisman
Director of Product Management Truvalue Labs Inc.


Designing and improving features

In 5 years Platform evolved so much. Product development team was coming up with ideas on how to improve the product by adding new and perfecting existing features. On my end, the process would start with brainstorming and design thinking, then crafting the flow and creating interface elements. When detailed mocks and prototypes would be ready I would then collect feedback from the team and iterate. In some cases we would prepare presentations and prototypes for focus user group validation. In this process, we would make priorities and phase the feature development based on what users find useful.

Our core design principle was to be straightforward and simple, overcoming the traditional financial software look. We organized a vast amount of information into two main plains. In the first plain data is visualized in such a way that draws attention to the most important aspects and gives a straightforward overview. Users can then dig deeper into the second plane discovering underlying data for more in-depth analysis and giving more controls and abilities to compare and contrast.


Modular approach
New modules can be added and removed based on the user research and need analysis


Truvalue Platform main screens
Portfolio overview, Drilldown module, Company overview, Spotlight event

User Journey

Understanding the end-to-end customer journeys from the moment when sales team adds paid customer or team to the Platform to the point when user is active and discovered the value of the product helped us discover pain points and create effective onboarding tour while improving consistency in communication.

The result was improved flow and faster discovery of the product value and increased engagement of the new users. This also decreased customer support inquires and reduced the time which the team spent on onboarding help.


Design System

Interface of the plaform grew stihijski and at some point creating of design system was needed. Aleks tackled the challenge by doing full audit of existing UI elements and patterns then coming up with a universal design system for the Platform. Design system is built for creating rich experiences - from color palettes and iconography to reusable components. This ensured consistency for evergrowing product and significantly improved the design team's efficiency.


Lightweight Version of the Platform
Suitable to be integrated into client's existing terminal as a module for sustainability analysis.
The same version is available to prospects to explore the bredth of possibilites Truvalue offers and buy access for more indepth analysis.


Own and drive overall visual language

Truvalue Labs stretches beyond web app. I collaborated with other members of the design team to ensure a unified brand experience and marketing communication. One example are monthly white papers that are published and also digitally distributed. We needed a consistant way of designning front page. I came up with a system of basic shapes, patterns and combination rules which can be used to make illustrative compositions.

Mobile App
Crafting a mobile experience ∙ Case study
Corporate Websites
Working for big names

Aleks Grkinić is a designer passionate about product UI & UX design. He is based in Berlin and has over 10 years of experience working with companies, agencies and individuals.