Crafting Mobile Experience

Truvalue Labs is leveraging advances in natural language processing, cognitive computing, and machine learning to provide actionable insights to financial professionals - portfolio managers, asset owners and analysts.


Breadth vs Depth

Sometimes mobile doesn't come first. Truvalue Platform is a complex desktop app for advanced users who usually don't do much of their analysis or make their decisions based on mobile app. The main challenge was to determine which functionalities and to which extent are valuable to be translated to mobile environment.

The first step was to paint a clear picture of what this mobile app needed to achieve, including must-have product requirements. We used a variety of exercises to understand our audience and their goals and to develop a UX strategy that would meet the needs of our users. During user interviews, we uncovered the key tasks that users wanted to be able to accomplish without accessing their desktops.


Valuable Information at a Glance

The app should be useful on the go. We designed a mobile experience that conveyed the most important information in a way that was easy to access between meetings and while traveling. Users can easily create watchlists of companies and get their analytics.


Monitor portfolio activity

Users can access their existing portfolios and get analytics which includes environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) rating and scores. Emerging issues and topics within the portfolio as well as spotlight events - opportunities and controversies for the companies within the portfolio.


AI Insights

In a vast amount of news data Truvalue algorithm gathers and analyses every day, large and impactful cluster of events are identified. These spotlight events represent the main actionable insights that affect investor's decisions. It was important to give users control on how and when to be alerted with such events. These alerts would showcase sentiment and natural language generated excerpts and summaries.

Through this exercise, we identified key priorities, distilled functionalities and designed a mobile experience that delivers on both user expectations and business goals.

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Aleks Grkinić is a designer passionate about product UI & UX design. He is based in Berlin and has over 10 years of experience working with companies, agencies and individuals.