Aleks Grkinić

My goal is to design simpler and more meaningful experiences while being playful in my expression and aesthetics.

Aleks Grkinić is a product designer based in Berlin. During the past 5 years he designed digital experiences for Truvalue Labs. Previously he worked on projects for clients such as Puma & TUI and various startups.

Aleks’ professional profile is a blend of analog childhood and digital coming of age. This dual pursuit also reflected on his life – formal education in psychology, and passion-driven self-taught in digital design.

Although he's aware of trends, his design ambition is timeless aesthetics that meets functionality and ultimately have a valuable impact on people's lives.

He enjoys working remotely. Always ready to talk about his years as a digital nomad. Loves nature and thrives to self-growth.

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Aleks is one of the most dedicated and self-disciplined designers I’ve had the chance to work with. He is committed to improving his craft and never afraid to try something new.

— Mark Strehlow
Entrepreneur, Designer, Investor, Mentor


On top of providing high quality work, Aleks is also great to work with, as he always approaches projects with a good attitude and is willing to turn things around quickly when needed.

— Eli Reisman
Director of Product Management at Truvalue Labs

Awards & Recognition

My website has won Awwwards Site of the Day, my work has been published in The Web Designer's Idea Book and the logo I designed was published among the fantastic logos in Logonest book.


Breakthrough Fintech Platform
Establishing and perfecting digital product ∙ Case study
Mobile App
Crafting a mobile experience ∙ Case study
Corporate Websites
Working for big names

Aleks Grkinić is a designer passionate about product UI & UX design. He is based in Berlin and has over 10 years of experience working with companies, agencies and individuals.